Customised Cars and Insurance

Whether you drive customised cars like hot rods or just a regular one, car insurance is a necessity. Young people are more prone to damaging their cars making young car drivers insurance expensive. This is because insures raise premiums to cover the additional risk. According to recent reports, the average premium for a 17-22 years old driver is 1,436. Regardless of this, many young people still want the freedom of driving themselves.

More information on young car drivers insurance

What young car drivers insurance policies are available?

The following are options that you can consider depending on budget, type of car, and protection level.

Learner driver policy This is for those who have a provisional driving license and want to practice beside private lessons. It provides cover while you learn.

Fully comprehensive policy It provides accident cover no matter the fault. However, it's a bit expensive for new and young drivers.

Third-party This covers you in case of damage to other people's property but, it doesn't do so for theft, fire damage or repairs to your car.

Third-party, fire and theft This is similar to previous policy, the only difference being that it covers your car against theft or fire.

Black box or Telematics policy A telematics box is installed to your car to monitor your driving skills. Details are recorded and used to calculate your premium.

How to save money on car insurance

The main objective of young drivers is to get the best policy at an affordable price. The following tips can help you make more saving on premium costs.

Take advantage of limited mileage policy if you will only drive for a few thousand miles per year. A tracking device such as iKube is fitted to your car, the more you drive, the more you pay.

Take black box insurance if you are a careful driver.

Tell your insurance company about any modifications that you have made on your car. Some of them may decrease your premium. This will also save you from extra charges during claim.

Let your insurer know if you have motorcycle no claim bonus as some accept them for use against car policies

Join an online forum or owners club so that you learn a lot of things about your car. In so doing, you could get an extra discount of up to 15.

If possible, keep your car garaged and install a security system such as alarms as this may lower the insurance policy.

Add an experienced second or third driver to your insurance.

Avoid teen racing.

Bottom line

Young car drivers insurance is costly in the UK. Since it's a legal requirement, one must obtain it. While shopping for car insurance, make a comparison between various companies and settle for the best. There are various policies to choose from depending on cost and model of your car. Usually, customised car insurance is higher than that of regular ones. For you to save more on premiums, follow the above tips.